Saturday, December 27, 2008

wad happened 2d8y:)

had an EXCELLENT surmon(or is it spelt as sermon????)anyways went to TM after service n 8te dhe ebbi curry don set[more details:its some kind of curry rice with 3 pieces of prawn stuff:)]

i must say dat worship time in church w8s WONDERFUL:) cause we stressed on songs which i felt meant a lot ta mii......

anyways in TM we(mii CG) went ta take some crazy pics on some stage thing and it was alota fun:)den we go arcade(went 2 pl8y dhe basketball throwing thingy) it w8s time to go off so said bye 2 frens den off i went

well......HOGC is one of dhe BEST church on tis planet(4 mii)

going shopping with cousins after church 2morrow:)will keep euu updated 2morrow(maybe? 0_0)

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