Monday, December 15, 2008

heyy dere

hey hey.....starting another blog after i deleted dhe other 2:)
on s8t-went to H.O.G.C...had a powerful worship and sermon time den went 2 changi airport again.....stayed b8ck 4 dhe flashback event thingy-it was ok lah:)
on sun-went 2 trinity @ payar leber-met sen @ hans den asked him go with mii 7-eleven......den c8n euu believe it???he asked _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ along sia....i was like oh mii....haven even prepare myself yet den he ask him come alongloved sermon and worship time:) oh ya there's this time wher edhe (donno wad) group performed a skip about dis christian guy who mixed around with the wrong company.very drama euu know...especially when he had 2 punch dis guy who*stole his girlfriend* it was sooooooooo funny and very dramatic but i mus say dat there are lots of talents in trinity...

oh yes not 2 forget....saw dhe dance by dhe dance group(i think) in H.O.G.C
not bad sey(seems lyk there are talents in H.O.G.C too:)
now gonna stop slacking and get off to work...Cia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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