Sunday, December 28, 2008

so happy

i'm sooo contented 2d8y man!!!!!!!!!!!!!had a great service n had a great shopping spree:)
after having a jolly good funny service i went shopping with mii cousins and mii aunt,uncle and his godson:0
here's wad i bought--------1.myuk pencil case
2.myuk handbag
3.converse sneakers
4.3 pairs of Diva earings in shapes of a treble cleft,quaver and 2
semi-quaver notes=)

i thank dhe Lord for allowing mii 2 hav dhe chance 2 hav such a great shopping experience in suntec and marina square>.<

Saturday, December 27, 2008

wad happened 2d8y:)

had an EXCELLENT surmon(or is it spelt as sermon????)anyways went to TM after service n 8te dhe ebbi curry don set[more details:its some kind of curry rice with 3 pieces of prawn stuff:)]

i must say dat worship time in church w8s WONDERFUL:) cause we stressed on songs which i felt meant a lot ta mii......

anyways in TM we(mii CG) went ta take some crazy pics on some stage thing and it was alota fun:)den we go arcade(went 2 pl8y dhe basketball throwing thingy) it w8s time to go off so said bye 2 frens den off i went

well......HOGC is one of dhe BEST church on tis planet(4 mii)

going shopping with cousins after church 2morrow:)will keep euu updated 2morrow(maybe? 0_0)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

people.....let's celebrate jesus's b'dae with much joy and sincereity(forgot how to spell)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let's make his b'dae a fun,memorable and enjoyable one:)
plus------------make his b'dae 4(or even a million) times more special then ours:0!!!!!!!
so let's prepare ourselves 4 dhe GREAT day 4 dhe GREAT LORD:)

some anime pics???

things dat happened today

well...............nothing typical
although there's a time when sarie was really(jokingly) pissed off with mii[euu know dat kind of attitude]cause we agreed to wear heels today but i didn't
anyways said hi to jian xing bt he didn't hear mii(boo hoo!)
-walked around church 4 bout 2 hours with nothing to do cause arrived dere at 8+ and mii peeps only come at 11:(
seriously.....dhe tag team did quite a good job with dhe pic slights during l8st weeks 4 day camp:)
sorrie...nothing interesting happened so gonna get off com now.....B


Saturday, December 20, 2008

mii emo pics


yesterday went ta st.hilda's sec to buy books uniform and stuff......and EUU KNOW WAD??jian ming going dere:)guess i won b so lonely after all:)kind of bored so dun wanna carry on........but mus tell euu guys dat combine 2day was really powerful and dhe sermon was well...........................good:)and dere were.....nice......ermbackground thingings????
mus stop now cause getting really random cause some cousins of mine are disturbing mii momments of peace
tralalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaaa(oh subbidoobii)
getting crazy. going for dinner. more later.or never.

Monday, December 15, 2008


feeling bOREd so blogging again......0_0
trinity-wonder wad dorothy and dhe rest are doing now.....totally regret not going 4 camp sia....can't get da guilt off:0
H.O.G.C-well mum's gone out to teach i hav some target thingy 2 complete so dat i cn go with mii CG to plaza sing:)
Random-lizzie,sarrie and becky jus came back frm japan....hope dey would be going back to trinity next week....hohohoh.....don know if i would b going for fuel next year cause mum says don wanna fetch mii dere at 9 am only wan to fetch mii dere @ service time(11am)...well seems lyk need lizzie to chop seat 4 mii
actuallyi don even know if i going back to trinity next year cause mum only allow mii go 1 church:)sho shad(so sad)>-<gonnaleave it all in God's hand now..... cause i know dat he has plans 4 mii hey? now finding blogging bored to so stopping mii pen now>_<



for fun

jus for dhe fun of it

heyy dere

hey hey.....starting another blog after i deleted dhe other 2:)
on s8t-went to H.O.G.C...had a powerful worship and sermon time den went 2 changi airport again.....stayed b8ck 4 dhe flashback event thingy-it was ok lah:)
on sun-went 2 trinity @ payar leber-met sen @ hans den asked him go with mii 7-eleven......den c8n euu believe it???he asked _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ along sia....i was like oh mii....haven even prepare myself yet den he ask him come alongloved sermon and worship time:) oh ya there's this time wher edhe (donno wad) group performed a skip about dis christian guy who mixed around with the wrong company.very drama euu know...especially when he had 2 punch dis guy who*stole his girlfriend* it was sooooooooo funny and very dramatic but i mus say dat there are lots of talents in trinity...

oh yes not 2 forget....saw dhe dance by dhe dance group(i think) in H.O.G.C
not bad sey(seems lyk there are talents in H.O.G.C too:)
now gonna stop slacking and get off to work...Cia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!