Monday, December 15, 2008


feeling bOREd so blogging again......0_0
trinity-wonder wad dorothy and dhe rest are doing now.....totally regret not going 4 camp sia....can't get da guilt off:0
H.O.G.C-well mum's gone out to teach i hav some target thingy 2 complete so dat i cn go with mii CG to plaza sing:)
Random-lizzie,sarrie and becky jus came back frm japan....hope dey would be going back to trinity next week....hohohoh.....don know if i would b going for fuel next year cause mum says don wanna fetch mii dere at 9 am only wan to fetch mii dere @ service time(11am)...well seems lyk need lizzie to chop seat 4 mii
actuallyi don even know if i going back to trinity next year cause mum only allow mii go 1 church:)sho shad(so sad)>-<gonnaleave it all in God's hand now..... cause i know dat he has plans 4 mii hey? now finding blogging bored to so stopping mii pen now>_<

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  1. hii ur cousin here hey wad u was correct if u really need to go 2 a church let god decide it 4 u dun take matter in2 ur hands