Thursday, June 25, 2009

26TH JUNE 2009(Pictures of super juniors,2NE1,big bang,girls generation n wonder girls...)note:the order is from top to bottom.

its 3 more days to school reopen n i haven done mii chinese yet...anyways dhe whole week was ok so far...though didn't go shopping,still had mii part of fun...jus came bac frm dentist...GOT BRACES...actually dey look a little weird on mii but who cares!wan to know wad colour?come look for me:)anyways today i'm gonna be totally to go now....TRALALA:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


okayys people....blogging again to kill time:)played risk wif terence and vincent(our friend)...i died lyk crazy and vincent was dhe winner...but i made him say dat he lost...hohohoo.....was gong as usual...den about 15mins into dhe game,becky and dhe rest came:)becky was on dhe com...lizzie was toking randomly and sarrie was poking me non-stop and found it so fascinating;)den had dinner...really yummy mann:)it was a fantastic day mann...TO GOD BE DHE GLORY;)

let's see

today went to dhe aeroplane museum den go eat...after dat went shopping mum bought a belt for my grandpa and a bag for my granma...she got a bag and a pair of shoes for herself den she got me two pairs of shoes and a pair of shades...wah sey stay at dhe bag shop for bout 2 hours n about an hour at dhe shoe shop for bout an hour...anyways cousins coming soon...toodles

Thursday, June 18, 2009


list down 15 different people(each must be between 13-17 years of age)


Q1)what if 1 n 4 go together?(rebecca n denise)
ans:wow 0_0 it will be a lesbo party
Q2)what is 3's favourite colour?(elizabeth)
ans:green or maybe yellow...actually i think its all clours dat are linked to nature...
Q3)what do you think of 13?(zachary)
ans:he's nice and friendly:)
Q4)how long have you known 11?(aric)
ans:for about 3-4 years
Q5)what is dhe relationship between 7 and 8?(josiah n ming ge)
ans:erm...they don even know each other -_-!!!
Q6)how old is 10?(ke chang)
Q7)is 14 n 15 compatible?(shella n li ying)
ans:yea...dat would be interesting...
Q8)what is 5 to you?(amelia)
ans:a rather good fwen...(crazy at times)
Q9)what's your relationship with 2?(sara)
ans:she'a mii cousin:)
Q10.what will you do if 12 slaps you?(shannind)
ans:slap him back harder!!!
Q11)what if 6 cheats on 4?(rifki n denise)
ans:doono don even know each other...
but she may headbutt him :):)jkjk
Q12)does number 6 know number 9?

tag 5 people to do this quiz:


yesterday go shop shop wif mii mummy n her fwen:)bought a school bag from _ _ _(gonna keep euu people guessing)...after shoping,went ta Defu to buy furniture...stayed dere 4 lyk a few hours...dhe people dere gave us water which really fascinated mii mum n she said dat their water very nice -_-!!! ... after dat,went to ntuc to buy groceries...den went to dhe cafe cartel for dinner:) oh gosh...can't wait 4 skl to reopen mann!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hellos people....haven posted in a long time yea?

okayys....on sat,went to vivo wif mii cousins-sara,rebecca,elizabeth and denise...whee bought to mii hearts content:)
here's wad i bought:1.zinc handbag
2.6 bottles of nailpolish and 2 bottles of nail polish remover
3.ripcurl pencil case n purse
4.a pair of earrings,a bangle and a long necklace
after all dat shopping,we bought subway and went to the top to sit...saw dhe fighting's spiders cast and a few people jumping up and down in dhe 'pools' of water which was actually not allowed...anyway,after all dat,went back into dhe mall to find denise's scarf den we all sat down at ben and jerry's and had our 'dinner drink/dessert'...lizzie and i had strawberry cheesecake shake n denise had dis chocalte thingy shake and becky and sarrie shared a banana split...hohoho,made sarrie bring us water...actually i wanted to try dhe vanilla shake but den i was really gong den and accidentally odered mii strawberry cheesecake shake ... but i enjoyed it anyways:)after a quite exhausting day,we took dhe mrt to hougang cos we wanted to go to becky.sarrie and lizzie's house to play risk bordered dhe bus after dat n went up to their house...everyone(except sarrie who almost did not play wif us bcos of her showbut anyways,she did in dhe end:))was quite into dhe as usual,we were all teaming up to kill lizzie and her red troops...hohoho....denise went home at 10.50 lyk dat n i went home at 11.30lyk wen i reached home,i showered den went 2 bed...dhe shopping trip was awesome mann.....aiyos...couldn't go shopping wif amelia n dhe rest cos mii thurs was packed...anyways i think i wrote enough for dhe day,so signing off now...cya

Saturday, June 6, 2009

mii 'last' post images...


sorrie 4 dhe late information...jus to say dat i won't b blogging 4 bout 2-3 weeks cos taking blog break but will reply tags...