Saturday, April 11, 2009

on an sat~

today totally forgot dat service was gonna start @ followed denise home after tution... had a strong sermon bout dhe 3 types of shame we experience
1.imposed shame
2.innate shame
3.inherited shame huh?
anyways back 2 mii day......n yes!!!had an awesome time of worship...
other info....(lol):
-today sat wif F1 guys
-watched a great performance put up by dhe dance group
-watched dhe spending time wif frens during supper thingy put up by dhe funny sia
haiis...couldn't stay 4 dhe 7.40 mixin round wif frens thingy cos mum wan mii help her buy printer at least had a nice dinner...well well,here i am relating all these stuff to euu now....heehee
rite...looking forward 2 next week's parade~_~lol...
stoppin pen nw....wan do other stuff...biies

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