Wednesday, April 15, 2009


today rained,so didn't do 2.4 or go stadium 4 PE.............
instead,we jogged 1 round around dhe school den went up 2 dhe hall to play volleyball...paired up wif zhenni~
anyways today was totally crazy...we had 2 surrender our ez-link cards n i was kinda depressed 4 a thank god i managed to take 2 photos before i surrendered mii card...amelia was so upset so she sat dere emoing 4 a momment...den l8ter durin math...we got our new bus passes...i saw mii own photo n it was so freakin funny lorh..i looked lyk a wraped up man dhe ways...zhenni was lyk going crazy runnin round dhe class wif yan ya lun's photo n screamed lyk some wild animal on dhe loose....issac rubbed her ya lun's face so dhe middle part is lyk white n he looks soo darn wierd n funny...lolz...oh ya!den she was so freaked out dat she started runnin round dhe class again ,screaming at issac n 'beatin' him dhe mornin reached skl @ bout did a bit of netball passes n played monkey wif judy,chenting n celine(sry..i forgot hw tospell) was chen ting's fact all dhe netball gurls(nicole,chenting n marianne)frm mii class brought their netballs to skl today...den 'ring ring' bell rang so scurried back to our seats.....

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