Saturday, March 28, 2009

let's see

yesterday go chankat changi 4 npcc swearing in until lyk 4......mum fetching @ 6.55 so go east point n TM.went ta eastpoint wif amelia,xi jia,siti,kamarina n priscilla.siti n kamarina go back 1st while dhe rest of us go old changi and KFC.den look 4 dhe guys(azly,rifki,bao wei,wesley,eric,kairun(i tink spell lyk dat) n etc.....)anyways afetr look see look see den take MRT wif dhe guys den go seperate ways.go TM......wah sian so go 5th floor n come down donno how many times.met dhe guys @ arcade den dey say got bring clothes wan change..anyways,priscilla amelia n xi jia go home soo i walk walk den mum fetch.
today:WHOOHOO:zone f.fab.after service go TM again.went kopitiam den go arcade den playground den arcade again.sho sad......nv see any good friends from SHPS(st.hilda's pri)anyways after dat go home....thank euu lord 4 dhe 2 fantastic days n hope dat2morrow's gonna b 1 too....signin off...biie:)

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