Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hey guys.......(to share:5 big bang pics n 1 st.hilda's pri schl pic)hohohohohooo...

well,since mii blog's gonna write a longer post today:)
yesterday,we jogged to dhe stadium for was not so tiring at first bt den l8ter we had to do lots of running
here's wad we did:
-sprinting(short diastance)
-battan passing(jogging)
-jogged back to schl
dis may seem nothing much to some peoplebt i can telleuu dat its seriously tiring..haiihs
so scary euu know....amelia face white white one den i ask her she ok ornot.......looked lyk shegonna black out any momment.....
Still feeling sry 4 dhe two peeps who fell down yesterday_judy n dily
yesterday mr lai got angry wif dhe sudden n unusual..
so sad......can't go for CG meeting dis friday..Ivan jus sent mii an sms say he gonna preach qi dai bt sad...i can't go... need to go take report slip den go swimming....ahhs...yesterday nite den realise dat mii pyjamas is short sleeved....luckily l8ter going wif granma buy new one....
well dat's all for today peeps....stopping mii pen now:)

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