Thursday, July 2, 2009

29th june,1st july,2nd july,3rd july

well skl's reopened n i'm quite glad it did...
on mon,some people followed dhe old time-table so we didn't hav much lessons:Dgeog was fantastic n we played some weird'hello mii name is "aaaaaa" and i am funny' was rather stupid but at dhe same time,kindof funny...on tues,our sitting arrangement was changed so aaron sits in front of me now.....oh my goodness!!!he's so random mann XDbut anyways still fine wif it lah...on wed.....nothing really interesting....

TODAY!!!we watched some of Michael jackson's music videos...his dancing is really fantastic and dhe moonwalk is so cool mann :Dwonder how he manages to keep moving his legs throughout his stage performance 0_o....oh ya!by dhe way took our class photo was kindof dumb:(

okiees now....stopping oready....tralala XD

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