Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hellos people....haven posted in a long time yea?

okayys....on sat,went to vivo wif mii cousins-sara,rebecca,elizabeth and denise...whee bought to mii hearts content:)
here's wad i bought:1.zinc handbag
2.6 bottles of nailpolish and 2 bottles of nail polish remover
3.ripcurl pencil case n purse
4.a pair of earrings,a bangle and a long necklace
after all dat shopping,we bought subway and went to the top to sit...saw dhe fighting's spiders cast and a few people jumping up and down in dhe 'pools' of water which was actually not allowed...anyway,after all dat,went back into dhe mall to find denise's scarf den we all sat down at ben and jerry's and had our 'dinner drink/dessert'...lizzie and i had strawberry cheesecake shake n denise had dis chocalte thingy shake and becky and sarrie shared a banana split...hohoho,made sarrie bring us water...actually i wanted to try dhe vanilla shake but den i was really gong den and accidentally odered mii strawberry cheesecake shake ... but i enjoyed it anyways:)after a quite exhausting day,we took dhe mrt to hougang cos we wanted to go to becky.sarrie and lizzie's house to play risk 1st....yea...so bordered dhe bus after dat n went up to their house...everyone(except sarrie who almost did not play wif us bcos of her showbut anyways,she did in dhe end:))was quite into dhe game...so as usual,we were all teaming up to kill lizzie and her red troops...hohoho....denise went home at 10.50 lyk dat n i went home at 11.30lyk dat...so wen i reached home,i showered den went 2 bed...dhe shopping trip was awesome mann.....aiyos...couldn't go shopping wif amelia n dhe rest cos mii thurs was packed...anyways i think i wrote enough for dhe day,so signing off now...cya

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