Saturday, May 30, 2009


on wed had sports day...went early dat day so terryion ask mii give out dhe t-shirts.....mii,allyah,joyce n some other people go dig dig dig for dhe t-shirts in dhe plastic bag den give out to dhe angry sia,1st 2 times couldn't get maggi mee cos dhe person dere don allow bt got mii maggi dhe 3rd timebt dhe queue so freakin long sia:)yayness...1F won dhe sports day medal proud of dhe atheletes..euu rock 1Fers:)thursday had bossa ball,captain's ball(wif a GIGANTIC net n a rugby ball),human table soccer n water socker....dhe water soccer water so muddy den wen people come out of dhe float area,dey bring dhe water wif dem den dhe grass watery watery den a few people fall on dhe ground n got demselves all muddy;)yesterday go meet dhe parents session den go dhe toyota car place...stay dere 4 6 hours n had 7 cups of milo:):)today wn 4 el tution den go fetch mii cousin den here i am sitting in front of dhe com wif mii other cousins @mii house playing risk:):)kayys...siann already,signing off:)

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