Saturday, January 3, 2009


yesterday....orientation.orientation.orientation.....blah blah blah

h8d 2 st8y b8ck until 9 pm for some sickening orientation(cao boring sia)

tok tok tok....tok tok tok........

some more dhe YORICK QUEK and dhe 6/3 gang+mandy in mii cl8ss......don actually mind cause used to tok 2 dem bt mii cl8ss actually hav kindof alot of pai kia(however euu spell it)den mus force us do some stupid cheer b4 we eat hungry dem mus still s8y dhe cheer laa....

bt dhe games ar kinda funbut dhe yorick very irritating sia:(

today nv go H.O.G.C c8yse got SPLITTING headache.....but i still thank dhe lord 4 mii cl8ss.....schl n MII LIFE:)

stopping pen now...biie

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